My Equipment

I try to keep it simple

For wildlife photography I use Nikon D4 camera and a Nikon 400MM F/2.8G ED VR Lens, then I have TC 1.4 and 2xTC. This combo it give me a lot opportunities. Of course, it all depends on the light you have available. Mount it on Gitzo tripod.
For landscapes, I use Nikon D800 and with a Nikkor 16-35mm zoom lens and for long expose photos, I add LEE filters to the lens. Mounted on a manfrotto tripod and a wired remote controller to the camera and you are good to go.

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Practise techniques.

For me it is important to practise my skills, and about upgrading my Photo gear is somehow, secondary. There is coming a lot of new products all the time on the market, and for sure I also believed it is better (compared to what I use today), like focus points, tracking, etc.. But again, I if you can handled different techniques, you are indeed in upfront when you upgrading your camera.

Just my thoughts.