Black and white photography.

Love to do in Black-and-white photography, the photo may look simpler, but the mood of the photo is more intense making it more emotional.

Winmills in windy Weather.
WW2 bunker in the sand. Reminder of the world war 2
Light coming through an opening in the heavy clouds.
Stormy day and it looks like something is coming up from the beach
A boat ride along the sheer rock faces of Lake Königssee, the jewel among Berchtesgaden lakes
Lodbjerg fyr. Lodbjerg Fyr is an light house.
The Westcoast of Denmark
Pillar in the water, long exposure photo black and white.
Tangeværket ved Tangesø. Bjerringbro / Tange
Sand dunes West coast Denmark
LightHouse in black and white image
Storm is coming and hitting onshore. North Sea is showing off.
Old cars in black and white
Fishing boat on the beach.
Stormy day on the beach