The Story From a Amateur Photographer.

- WELCOME to my, online collection of pictures. I am a amateur nature photographer with a passion in exploring through my camera in Denmark.. As an amateur photographer, I have a lot to learn but enjoying my little passion and therefore also have this homepage to show my photos.

Hope you enjoy and you are always welcome to drop a line or two into my contact-form.

- MY INTEREST in photography sprang from, my hobby as a birder. This eventually turned into a love of photography for its own sake, and today I use more time with photography of the nature, then only bird watching. 

- THE way wildlife photographers sitting with lot of patience and waiting for the best camera shot, this is what I like. Then getting up in the night to be ready in the morning, is a must. I these early hours you have a better chance to get a good photo shoot.

As Wildlife photographer you have to know various forms of wildlife in their natural habitat. As well as requiring photography skills, wildlife photographers may need field craft skills too, and then fore sure, knowing the songs of the birds, is an factor there in turn help you a lot to find the birds location more easily.

-AS MENTIONED… before sitting and waiting, I do very often to get photos of birds. It is tempting to chase birds, since most are timid and move away from us. This often results in photos of birds turning or leaning away or, even worse, with their backs to the camera as they flee.

-Karsten Garcia Pedersen